The Importance of Spay and Neuter

A spray or neuter is a procedure that can prevent unwanted litters. It can also reduce your pet's risk of certain cancers. Not to mention, these procedures can stop undesirable behaviors associated with a pet once they reach sexual maturity. Fortunately, at Amelia Pointe Animal Hospital & Daycare, serving Fernandina Beach, FL, and the nearby region, we offer both procedures for cats and dogs. Let's discuss more about them. 


Difference Between a Spay and Neuter 

A spay is a procedure performed on females. It consists of removing the ovaries and uterus. As a result, the pet won't release an egg, nor will it have a location for kittens or puppies to grow. It also stops hormone production. 

On the other hand, a neuter is a procedure conducted on a male. It consists of removing the testes. For one, the testes produce most of the testosterone, which will no longer happen after a neuter. Not to mention, the neuter prohibits the animal from producing sperm.  

How Our Veterinarian Performs a Spay

During a spay, our vet will usually make an incision underneath your cat or dog's belly button. Through the incision, our vet will remove the uterus and ovaries. Dissolvable stitches are then used to close the incision. 

How Our Veterinarian Performs a Neuter 

When performing a neuter, our veterinarian may create an incision on the top portion of the scrotal sack. After, our vet will remove the contents of the scrotal sack, both sides. Finally, the vet will use dissolvable stitches to close the incision. 

Benefits of a Spray or Neuter 

For one, there are many animals in shelters who can't find homes. Some shelters have no choice but to put down healthy animals due to a lack of funding or space. You can reduce the number of times this happens by spaying or neutering. 

Additionally, with a spray or neuter, you prevent your pet from getting certain reproductive cancers, including ovarian and uterine cancer. Not to mention, when your female pet isn't producing the sex hormone estrogen, her risk of breast cancer decreases. 

Certain behaviors arise when a pet reaches sexual maturity, such as becoming aggressive, spraying, or yowling. You can greatly reduce the prevalence of these occurring with a spay or neuter. When you opt for a spay or neuter for your pet, you help them and yourself.

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